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The post of vice president of finance is a senior post and the person working as vice president in the finance department is responsible for supervising the tasks of budgeting and debt financing. The plans and the targets that a company wants to achieve are divided into different departments of the company by the vice president.

Any person who wants to be hired as a vice president should possess some extraordinary qualities of leadership and management in order to stand out. Moreover, preparing the resume in an effective way is also very important.

Any candidate willing to apply for this job post should include his skills and potencies in the resume to let the recruiter know about his talent. Apart from this, the experience details and the details of relevant skills should also be included in the resume.

In order to prepare a professional looking document, it is important to read the job description thoroughly so that the job requirements can be known. The resume can then be prepared according to those job requirements.

Here is a sample resume for the post of vice president of finance that can be helpful for those individuals who don’t know much about the format and structure of the resume.


Professional Summary:

A successful and intelligent individual with the vast experience of working in the finance department of the private firm. Works diligently for the managerial accounting and financial management. Accounting specialist with complete expertise in the technology, financial services and implementation of accounting systems.


Key objectives are:

  • To seek a job position of vice president of finance in a financial firm
  • To boost the skills of finance management
  • To become a useful part of the company

Work experience:

I have worked as a [Vice President of Finance] in [XYZ corporation] from [JUNE 2012 to date]

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Preparing international financial plan statements and reviewing them for errors and mistakes
  • Presenting complex strategies for different types of audience
  • Responding to the customer’s inquiries related to tax
  • Providing the assistance to the investors while making fiscal plans
  • Providing such a curriculum that not only manage the risks but also reduces the cost

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in using the MS Office suite and other software that can help in managing the finance

Core competencies:

  • Experienced finance expert with the expertise in various fields of finance.
  • Possesses strong knowledge of finance and other related terms
  • Best in dealing with the problems of the people related to the finance
  • Possesses best managerial skills that are useful for managing the whole account and finance department of the company
  • Can fluently speak English
  • Capable enough to make others understand effectively in both written and oral communication
  • Possesses strong knowledge of mathematical concepts
  • Excellent in analytical skills
  • Able to handle every type of situation
  • Well-aware of the techniques used in the company to solve the issues.

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Vice President of Finance Resume Template for MS Word


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