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A staff auditor is a person who is responsible for keeping a check on the effectiveness of policies, procedures, and practices that are being used in any organization. The auditor is required to be familiar with the mechanism of compliance and some other financial procedures. Any individual with graduation degree in accounting or finance can apply for this job post.

The skills and experience details are important to be added to the resume for every applicant. These are the details which are useful for the recruiter to decide that who should be hired.

It should also include the expectations of the employee from the job as well as the job objectives so that the employer can easily understand the potential of the applicant.

The resume available on this website enables the person to get a quick idea that can be incorporated into the personal resume that is being prepared from scratch. Moreover, the same resume format can be used since it reflects a perfect structure.

The sample staff auditor resume can be the best source for you if you want to get quick access to a well-written resume with the correct format and professional look. The resume also enables you to modify it as required.


Professional Summary:

Detail oriented and experienced auditor having vast expertise in the field of auditing. Makes the best participation in annual auditing.

An independent professional who has a keen interest in performing the auditing up to the standard of the organization. Detail oriented person who is aimed to reach the level of best auditing practices.


The key objectives of a staff auditor are to:

  • Seek a job position of staff auditor to be able to boost the skills.
  • Enhance the knowledge in the field of finance.
  • Work in a challenging environment to be able to face the complex situations with courage and confidence.

Working experience:

I have worked as a [staff auditor] in [ABC] corporation from [July] 2012 to date.

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Supporting the auditing teams in preparing training plans
  • Aiding the auditing team and preparing & conducting the guidelines of auditing
  • Reviewing the performance of the staff to bring the improvement
  • Participating the process of auditing
  • Developing and submitting the research reports to the administration of the company
  • Planning and organizing the results obtained through the auditing

Technical skills:

  • Adept in using MS Word, Access and PowerPoint
  • Proficient in using QuickBooks and Kingdee
  • Able to type 70 words per minute

Core competencies:

  • Able to handle the complex tasks related to auditing
  • Best in performing multitasking
  • Capable enough to work independently in an environment based on teamwork
  • Fluent in English and other languages
  • Proficient in the task of risk management
  • Adept at analyzing data and performing internal auditing
  • Possesses the best communication and interpersonal skills
  • Possesses best demonstration skills.
  • Able to handle the task of financial performance reporting and tax research

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