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We are living in a world where people love making money. And with the evolution of almost every other field, people have started earning money in smart ways. Investing your money well can get you a lot of gains. And investment in property can be one of the ways that can provide you with hassle free and risk-free investment. As easy it might sound, dealing with property matters is never easy.

If you are a person who loves studying and researching about land and property then this is your field. A property disposal specialist might not need a professional degree but a degree in finance or business administration can be useful in various ways. Strong communication skills are very important for this job. When we say communication skills of a property disposal specialist, we mean this person should have written as well as verbal communication skills. As they will be preparing a lot of documents every day.

The skill set is very important for property disposal specialist as they will be working in diverse fields. Familiar with various software for property and disposal management.


Professional Summary:

Motivated and organized property disposal specialist with 8 years of proven experience in disposing of the property. Excellent time management skills. Communication skills have always helped to crack best deals with people. And written skills have always helped to write and format the documents in the most legible way.

Exemplary leadership skills have helped to hire and train the new recruits. Ability to delegate the work and get the work done in time. Good team player and gets along with people quickly. Updated market knowledge helps to be on top of every matter. Strong organization skills with creative problem-solving skills. Critical thinker and courteous approach with customers. Energetic work attitude and rigorous in filing documents and conducting market research. Familiar with software such as Microsoft inventory control and PowerPoint. In-depth knowledge of all logistics management functions including forecasting, budgeting, and transportation.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To render logistics support to various organizations.
  • To distribute the utilization program.
  • To affirm eligibility, authority, and approval before the release of the property.
  • To propose innovative uses of the surplus property.
  • To implement and follow the compliance and regulation for property disposals.
  • To provide customers with the details of the property.
  • To develop procedures for disposing of property.
  • To provide property inventories.
  • To inspect the property and receive property in place.
  • To support customer inquiries and provide them the required information.
  • To research and reconcile advice regarding the rejected properties.
  • To coordinate with government and policies implementing departments to follow the regulations.


  • Motivated and determined.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Creative approach to new campaigns.
  • Good negotiation skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Computer literacy.

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