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Buying and selling property is a major interest area for quite a lot of people. And why not? When you know you can make a lot of money by making this safe investment, the whole idea seems worth it. With this safe investment which will get you loads of money, comes risks as well. And of the best ways to avoid this risk is to buy or sell the property using the services of a property administrator. A property administrator can be someone who’s a contractor and builds houses or commercial plazas for a living.

Some of the construction companies can have their own property management department. One of the most important roles of a property administrator is to head and look after the routine tasks of the property management department. The property administrator also acts as a liaison between the tenants and the property manager.

Although property administrators do not require a specialized degree, they need to have good years’ experience in administration. They should be able to use Microsoft office and word on a proficient level as they might need to prepare presentations. Communication skills are also very important for these people as they will need to communicate with a variety of professionals’ every day.


Professional Summary:

Property Administrator with 8 years’ experience in managing the property management department. Rigorous research helped to be on top of the investment markets. Responsible to overlook the properties and manage their repairs and maintenance. Advertised the available properties on the best mediums and always in search for the most appropriate tenants.

Experience in preparing and educating the tenants regarding the lease agreements. Prepared reports for the senior management and gave successful presentations. Regularly visited the sites and ensured the properties are maintained according to the needs of the tenants. Communicated with the tenants regularly to ensure the timely payment of the rent.

Responsible for hiring and recruiting new staff. Trained them on the lease policies. Customer centric approach and good communication skills.


My objectives in this role are/were:

  • To assist in all the functions of the property management department.
  • To maintain the lease agreements and property data for filing and documentation.
  • To effectively communicate with the tenants, landlords and the property management department.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To visit the managed properties and prepare a report on them.
  • To obtain bids for maintaining the property such as snow removal, rubbish maintenance, and repairs.
  • To prepare and schedule the maintenance.
  • To prepare the lease agreement for new tenants.
  • To assist the tenant is the procedures before moving into the property.
  • To perform the credit and reference checks for all the new tenants.
  • To prepare the presentations for properties and present them to the senior management.
  • To advertise the available properties on internet and newspapers.
  • To edit and prepare lease documents as needed.
  • To communicate any lease or rent issues with the tenants when required.


  • Multitasking
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Attention to details
  • Customer service oriented
  • Coordinating and scheduling
  • Communication skills

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