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Every company runs on production plants and various equipment. These plants are one of the biggest investments of the company. So, looking after them is very important. For these reasons, companies hire engineers and plant superintendents who focus on the effective running of these plants. A plant superintendent has a lot of tasks on his plate including maintenance of the plant, the budget of the plant, quality control, and shipping.

A plant superintendent also takes an active part in hiring and training new employees. The superintendent must maintain the budget for the plant. The budget can be prepared annually and then broken down into monthly targets. With some fields not needing a professional degree, a plant superintendent needs to have a bachelor’s degree at least. They can be a specialist in business, finance or any field in mechanics. Along with the degree, the experience is also very important for them. They must be good leaders to lead a successful team as they will have to provide guidance, support, and discipline to the team.

A plant superintendent should have knowledge of the basic finance and budgeting as they must prepare a realistic budget for the plant and present it to the management.


Professional Summary:

Plant superintendent with an experience of 10 years in the industry. Years of experience has helped to gain knowledge in different fields such as finance and budgeting for the plant. Ability to prepare and maintain the budget every month and achieve it. Hired and trained employees to maintain the plant.

Educated the staff to follow policies and procedures. Maintained the health and safety regulations and acquired up-to-date knowledge of any change in the government policies. Responsible to oversee all the aspects of the plant including maintenance and routine operations. Prepared the schedule for the maintenance of the plant.


My objectives in this role were:

  • To oversee the routine manufacturing and processes of the plant.
  • To analyze the data which reflects weaknesses in manufacturing and compile the findings.
  • To manage all the personnel responsible for running the plant.
  • To enforce all the health and safety regulations imposed by the government.
  • To recommend improvements for optimum production.

Work Experience:

[Company ABC]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To prepare the monthly and annual budget of the plant.
  • To recruit, hire and train the subordinates.
  • To prepare and track the plant maintenance schedule.
  • To monitor the cost and expenses of the plant.
  • To ensure that the plant meets the quality standards as per the industry law.
  • To work with the plant staff to maintain the quality of the plant.
  • To identify the major areas for improvement.
  • To work along the health and safety managers to implement the safety rules.
  • To educate the employees on the health and safety regulations.
  • To follow the standard policies on waste disposal.
  • To acquire updated knowledge of the changes in policies and procedures.

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Knowledge of laws and regulations.
  • Data analysis.
  • Communication skills
  • Finance and budgeting.
  • Leadership skills.

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