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When a client submits a mortgage loan application, it is the responsibility of the mortgage underwriter to review it completely. It is the duty of mortgage underwriter to decide whether to approve the mortgage loan application or not.

Some additional job responsibilities of the mortgage underwriter are to check the income information, to review the credit history of the borrower before the decision of approving the loan application is made, etc.

Any person who wants to work as a mortgage underwriter should be well-versed about the laws of the mortgage, and s/he should also be able to research and analyze the information provided him. Minimum graduation degree in the field of finance is required to be able to work as mortgage underwriter in any institute.

Any person who wants to submit a job application should be able to sell himself and his learned skills effectively. The resume prepared by the applicant should be written impressively.

Writing a professional looking resume can be a challenging task for almost every individual. Here is a sample resume for mortgage underwriter that can help you avoid the common mistakes made by the majority of people while writing the resume.


Professional Summary:

Highly organized and skilled mortgage underwriter with extensive experience of 5 years. A talented professional with strong abilities to perform auditing and analyzing the complex situations regarding the mortgage request. Goal oriented and passionate mortgage underwriter who is always driven towards the goals.


The key objectives of a mortgage underwriter are:

  • To work as a mortgage underwriter in an Institute
  • To work as a senior professional in the finance department
  • To enhance the ability to perform the research and analyze the information of the borrower
  • To be a productive part of the firm

Working experience:

I have worked as a [mortgage underwriter] in [ABC] corporation from [January] 2011 to date.

My key roles in this job are/were

  • To perform the tasks of routine that are assigned
  • To note and review the appraisals
  • To perform the analysis on the credit history and the property of the borrower.
  • To maintain the quality of the work and to perform it up to the standard defined by the organization
  • To perform the timely reviews of the financial history of the borrower
  • To make decision after the complete underwriting analysis
  • To provide prompt and acceptable response to all the customers’ requests
  • To consider the challenges to acquiring the desired credit solution
  • Refining and conducting the training of the junior mortgage underwriters

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in using Office package such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express


  • Able to provide best customer services
  • Proficient in speaking English
  • Skilled in communicating with the customers
  • Possesses skills to perform analysis
  • Able enough to train other individuals for performing the tasks related to mortgage underwriting
  • Strong knowledge of researching the credit history of the applicants
  • Experienced in judging the people before approving their request for a mortgage loan.

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Mortgage Underwriter Resume Template


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