Marketing Manager Resumes

Marketing managers are one of the most important positions in businesses and hold responsibilities for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for different businesses and products within the organization. Their role is to run the organization as such to attract new customers and retain old ones.

Marketing managers have various roles in an organization, for example, new product development and distribution, market research, event planning, advertising, planning, and social media management.

Some important responsibilities are planning and organizing marketing programs and maintaining a healthy relationship with the company’s customers.

Some important skills required for this position are strong communication skills, organization, and good teamwork and leadership qualities. Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communication, advertising or business is required.


Professional Summary

Increased knowledge of different business development activity through communicating different clients, providing qualification materials, and preparing proposals for new projects and products. The position provides a good opportunity for improving market analysis, research positioning, planning and maintaining budgets, and designing brand standards.

Three years’ experience as marketing manager helped improved skills for analyzing business reports and conducting research or surveys of marketing strategies of other companies, implementing new marketing strategies and conducting performances analysis of various staff and departments.

The marketing manager position requires one to be extremely motivated, possess strong leadership skills, and should also be excellent communicators both orally and in writing.


  • Strong knowledge of market research practices and techniques
  • Good in techniques of marketing strategies
  • Experience in analyzing data techniques
  • Proficient computer skills MS office, marketing, and accounting software
  • Budget and financial analysis experience
  • Deep knowledge of social media websites.
  • Strong Project management experience or skills.


  • Improve company’s progress through a deep understanding of different functions related to working of procedures and employees both.
  • Improve employ skills and coaching through strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Create a team-oriented environment for successful completion of tasks and organization objectives.
  • Keep researching new market trends to launch new products and services and grow market share.
  • Good communication skills which can improve stakeholder relations and increase customer number.
  • Propose and implement reasonable and achievable marketing objectives to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Work Experience

Marketing Manager

January 2017- present

Main responsibilities as Marketing Manager are:

  • Oversee the marketing campaigns for existing products.
  • Propose and design social media marketing campaigns for new products and services.
  • Maintain social media platform and keep up to date about latest trends in this area.
  • Review and approve from higher managers new product and services proposals.
  • Arrange training session for new staff.

Marketing manager

June 2015- January 2017

Main Responsibilities were:

  • Identify target markets for new products and services
  • Research market needs and proposes new products in existing product lines.
  • Develop presentation or strategies to communicate progress to the higher managers.
  • Lead and motivate lower staff in daily working of the organization.
  • Attending and representing company in different workshops, conferences and trade shows.

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