Marketing Consultant Resumes

The marketing consultant optimizes promotional and marketing plans for the businesses. They motivate and guide how to put strategies in place to boost businesses. These strategies mainly focus on the services and product that particular business offer. It is different from marketing agencies which help in making advertisements and promotional activities.

Marketing consultant help devise plans and strategies keeping in view business goals and objectives leading to a competitive edge in the market. Marketing consultants may work independently or with other businesses marketing needs.

Marketing Consultant is required by the businesses when they want good strategic planning with well-defined short and long-term goals to expand new markets and increase their customer ratio. They monitor results and ensures that the company gets the best result from all proposed plans and strategies.

They help improve and assess business performance. They are creative, good critical thinker and have strong marketing knowledge. They must be creative enough to give results from that creativity. They are at least graduate in business, marketing or an MBA. They normally specialize in online marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting and Computer Marketing tools, and online and direct response marketing.


Professional Summary

An experienced professional capable of analyzing company profile and understanding its marketing needs. Able to develop and implement marketing strategies according to objectives, goals, business plan, and budget of the company. An excellent communication and marketing skills to provide strategic and practical advice to boost company’s progress.

5 years’ experience professional having good strategic thinking and knowledge of everyday marketing and related industry. Good analytic and creative skills allow putting more focus on product development and improvement. Use of latest technology in creating and designing plans or strategies for business improvement and experience in Search engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging. Great ability to handle multiples resources and projects.


  • A good demonstration of knowledge to develop business strategies.
  • Creatively apply skills and knowledge for improving the strategic planning
  • Abilities of counseling on matters affecting the administration and other business activities.
  • Propose strategic planning and business models which will lead to company’s productivity in the market.


  • Good Data analysis and research skills.
  • Computer software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Office Products.
  • Strong understanding of marketing concepts and principles.
  • Creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent writing proposals and reports skills
  • Outstanding organizational capabilities.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Capable of following all newest trends in marketing.

Work Experience

Marketing Consultant ABC Company

January 2016 to present

My initiatives and contributions were:

  • Proposed new marketing initiatives, promotion campaigns, and strategies to improve products that led to a competitive edge.
  • Performed market research and interacted with different departments to improve products and increase customer number.
  • Analyzed various computer tools related to marketing for improving product promotion.
  • Improved presentation and advertising materials design for promotion campaigns.

Marketing Consultant XYZ Company

January 2015 to January 2016 present

My key role was to:

  • Propose strategies to improve brand awareness among the customers.
  • Worked closed with production and marketing departments to help improve products and services.

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