Marketing and Sales Director Resumes

Marketing and sales director in any organization is responsible for hiring, managing, coordinating and supporting sales and marketing staff and activities. He is responsible for directing activities related to both sales that are making new businesses and marketing that is advertising and promotion of products. The position is important for improving overall organization’s sale and revenue growth.

Marketing & Sales Director coordinate and oversee all sales and marketing activities like proposing and implementing new products, ideas & business plans, sales growth, adding or removing products from product lines, accounting, shipping of products, promoting and advertising products, along with strategies for maintaining staff performances and customer expectations.

Sales and marketing director are required to be intelligent, good creative thinker and quick decision maker, good positive attitude and fully aware of commercial conditions of the area where the organization is operating. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills are essential for guiding the staff in the direction of success.

The position requires an experienced Sales and Marketing Director with strong communication, management, and organizational skills. Main responsibilities include coordinating recruitment and training process for sales and marketing staff and meet market and sales objectives by analyzing and reviewing different budgets, requirements, and expenditures. The qualification requirements are bachelor’s degree in relevant field and MBA.


Professional Summary

Planning and coordination of the implementation of new product ideas and its promotion and advertising activities. Train and guide the staff in proposing new innovative ideas for gaining the competitive edge in the market. Establish goals and objectives by researching and identifying customer requirements, competitor’s strength and weaknesses and current market trends.


  • Research oriented, creative and have the good domain knowledge to relate products and customers’ expectations.
  • Good interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
  • Strong leadership qualities.
  • Process design skills for coordinating process modeling and management. Have the thorough knowledge of technology related to these processes.


  • Seek a position of Marketing and Sales director to utilize my sales and marketing skills to improve organizations sale results and revenue.
  • To join as Marketing and Sales director in such an organization which can provide me workplace for communicating and maintaining relationships with customer and people leading to the success of an organization.
  • Obtain a position which will enable me to use my knowledge of Sales and Marketing and leadership abilities guiding the staff in the direction of the organization goals.

Work Experience

[Company ABC]

Working as Director of Sales and Marketing June 2105-till present

Main responsibilities are/were:

  1. Responsible for directing overall sales and marketing function of the company.
  2. Directing and managing new products marketing activities.
  3. Reached 20% profit margin in early 2016.
  4. Maintaining and building the customer relationship with banking and educational institutes.
  5. Organized training of social media advertising for internal staff.

[Company XYZ]

Worked as Director of Sales and Marketing January 2011 to June 2015

Main Responsibilities are/were:

  1. Plan advertising material and approve advertising content when designed.
  2. Conduct research and organize sessions for proposing new products and ideas.
  3. Implement and plan new sales initiatives.
  4. Maintain customers relationships using good communication skills at meetings and seminars with different clients


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