Manufacturer Representative Resumes

Manufacturer Representatives work as a third person between manufacturers and wholesale or retail clients. They sell different products from the manufacturer to wholesalers or other clients. They are given the responsibility of promoting new products to different markets, and existing products to customers or clients who are unaware of the products.

Manufacturer representatives work with the different manufacturer at a time and are normally on a contract basis. Good communication and interpersonal skills are mandatory because they have to communicate with manufacturers and clients in order to convince them of the product during the sale process.

They should have a good understanding of different products provided by the manufacturer. They create an initial presentation of new products and services explaining product features and benefits. They are also well aware of product competition, technology, and other related industry information. The position requires a capable person who can take the new initiative that increases customer engagement and interest to buy the product.


Professional Summary

The position of Manufacturer Representative requires at least three years’ experience in the related area. Must be capable of promoting single or multiline products of different manufacturers by contacting and communication with them. Therefore, the position requires good communication and interpersonal skills. Must understand different categories and features of products and demonstrate it clearly to the clients or wholesalers. Make necessary reports on customer feedbacks and further orders to the manufacturer.

Have all necessary skills in promoting the product at trade shows and workshops. Must provide a complete record of sales and data related to the sales. Developing initial reports on new products and scheduling appointment is also one of the main tasks. After gaining some experience must provide training and grooming of newly recruited staff for better performances. The candidate must have bachelors in arts, marketing or related fields. Must be well trained in the use of all basic office and sales related software.


  • Good in understanding and explaining  product features and benefits
  • Good knowledge of company or manufacturer products and other procedures
  • Knowledge of marketing procedures and laws for product promotion and sale


  1. I want to work as a Manufacturing Representative because of my capabilities of expanding new businesses and suggesting new innovative product ideas.
  2. Seek a position of Manufacturing representative to apply my skills of good communication and marketing concepts related to sales policies.

Work Experience

Company ABC

2014-till date

Working as Regional Manufacturing Representatives with following responsibilities:

  • Recruiting new staff for different areas in the region.
  • Compiling and presenting reports of different regions on product feedback and other recommendations to the manufacturer.

Company XYZ Corporation

May 2012- Dec 2013

Worked as Manufacturing Representative

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Assigned different areas in the region for promoting clothing products targeting a specific type of customers
  2. Provided customer feedback reports on the products sold to them.
  3. Achieved projected target in first six months

Company [ABC]

October 2011- March 2012

  • Worked as Manufacturing Representative for the northern area with key responsibilities.
  • Assigned different cosmetic products of different manufacturers and sold to professional clients in that area.
  • Designed reports and presentation about feedback on products from different clients.

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