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The word secretary is a very common word. When we hear this word, we instantly know we are talking about that one person who keeps every task together. If you are the forgetful manager, your secretary would be the one to remember and schedule every task for you. A secretary is responsible for organizing work by reading and routing emails for correspondence. They are also responsible for collecting information and initiating communication between different personnel. Although, secretaries are mostly females, sometimes, companies need male secretaries too. The gender does not make any difference in the job description but it means that a more energetic and outgoing personality is required.

Every industry has a different work requirement. Industries such as oils and gas, or machinery would highly recommend male secretaries. Also, a job where travel is very common, a male secretary can be more useful as they do not have any travel constraints. A boss may seem as the most important person in a company but the secretaries play no less important role. Secretaries are good in maintaining schedules and providing reminders for any meetings. We see secretaries as not the most important people but they even fill up for any vacant gaps when needed. So, a secretary may be working as an accountant or even as a human resource executive when needed.


Professional Summary:

A secretary with a very diverse work background. Knowledgeable in office management procedures. Proficient in understanding computer software and other office equipment. Excellent in providing customer service and gives attention to details. Maintained schedules for the senior management and even attended meetings when required. Travelled to various locations for meeting clients and collecting information from them.

Excellent communication skills which have helped to build strong relationships with coworkers, vendors, and supervisors. Pleasant and friendly manners with a peaceful phone voice. Event management skills helped to organize and arrange office events and meetings. Making sure that the official agenda has been set before the meeting and that the agenda is communicated to every person attending the meeting.

Written skills have helped a lot to record the minutes of the meetings and draft them into emails and meaningful reports.


  • To schedule meetings and conferences.
  • To maintain formal records and minutes of the meetings.
  • To maintain any records of third party correspondence.
  • To circulate the minutes and important findings after the meeting.
  • To get the approval of directors over business deals.
  • To travel nationally and internationally when required.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To greet customers and answer any phone calls and reply emails.
  • To improve office efficiency by implementing good practices.
  • To reply any correspondence from customers and vendors.
  • To perform office tasks as needed and required.
  • To oversee the daily activities of the office.
  • To train the staff on office procedures.
  • To schedule appointments and maintain calendars for the directors.
  • To discreetly maintain highly confidential information of customers.
  • To coordinate workshops, meetings, and conferences.
  • To order office supplies and equipment.

[XYZ Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To research for best available vendors.
  • To handle office equipment, maintenance, and petty cash.
  • To design booklets, newsletters, brochures, and invitations.
  • To assist in finding and recruiting better work resources.
  • To keep a record of the daily planning schedules.
  • To attend any meetings with the clients and vendors.

Technical Skills:

  • Organizational skills to adapt to the changing environments.
  • Excellent computer skills including the Microsoft excel and word.
  • Diary management and minute taking.
  • Ability to prioritize work and time management skills.
  • Report compilation.

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