Junior Merchandiser Resumes

One of the most interesting aspects of marketing is merchandising. As a junior merchandiser, you should have the determination and key skills to make an impact in your career. In the sales and marketing department of every organization, a merchandiser is probably the major contributor.

In merchandising, planning and development of a product take place. It happens by keeping the preferences of the target audience in mind. He has to observe the market trends so that he could identify successfully the fashions and preferences which are going to storm the markets in future. On the basis of this analysis, designing and development of product start. Its promotional strategy also gets planned.

As the name suggests, the junior merchandiser is the junior employee and works under his senior. He must support his seniors for him to carry out all his duties effectively. A junior merchandiser is not the main authority and has limited power, therefore the supervision of seniors have a huge impact on his duties.


Professional Summary

Junior merchandiser with 8 years of experience developing and coordinating balanced merchandise selections for catalog, inventory and web retail programmers. Developed cordial relationships with cross-functional team members using mutual goal achieving process for shared success. Strong background and solid knowledge in apparel production after harmonizing with a commitment to continuous development and learning have resulted in a continuous professional and personal development.

Career objectives

The objectives of the career are:

  • Acquiring the position of a junior merchandiser in a leading retail agency.
  • Get an opportunity to understand the practical applications of the merchandising principles.
  • Take part in product development process from concept to promotion stage.
  • To follow the orders of seniors and work with them to achieve a mutual goal effectively.

Work experience


My key roles on the job were as follows:

  • Responsible for ensuring all information and samples are organized and set up for an easy access by every team member.
  • Maintaining order tracking and daily reporting.
  • Running selling reports and analyzing for identifying slow and best sellers.
  • Reviewing with the team for understanding and determining a way to interpret information.


My key roles in the job were:

  • Supporting brand merchandising team for buy meetings.
  • Responsible for managing order changes with buying office.
  • Providing help with line assortment as well as planning for the season.
  • Conducting product research including shopping the market.


  • Presentation skills.
  • Product sourcing skills.
  • Strong background in supply chains.
  • The ability to form a strong bond with people.
  • Having proficiency in MS office suite software.
  • Data analysis skills.
  • Strong knowledge of industry trends and fashion aesthetics.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Stress management skills.
  • Time management skills.

Key skills

  • Great knowledge of marketing principles, market research methods, brand development theory and sales strategy marketing.
  • Good idea of fashion trends and skills for designing techniques.
  • Excellent decision-making abilities for making accurate preparations.
  • Ability to make good relations with associates and customers.
  • Familiarity with several promotional, marketing and brand development avenues which can be used for the improvement of sales.

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