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The concept of economy is quintessential since it has a direct effect on the sales of the company. Because of this, the economist is hired by any company to see the economic conditions which prevail in the market. They can then inform the company about these conditions and changes. The economist is always expert in finance and statistics, and he is required to use his skills and potencies in his profession.

Economists are one of the most important professionals in any company. Most of the companies hire economists when they want to get an expert advice regarding the application of economic theories on the working procedures of the company.

It is not easy for an individual to work as an economist. Acquiring enough education to be fit for this job post is not enough. You are also required to have to practice your acquired skills in your work to be adequate for this job post. Moreover, if you lack sufficient experience, then you can work as a junior economist in any firm under the supervision of senior economist.

Here is a sample resume for the junior economist that can be modified easily as required.


Professional Summary:

A diligent economist with passion and urge to learn new skills. Possesses complete insight into the prevailing trends in the market. Able to enhance the productivity of the company by using the understanding of the impact of the economy on the firm. Adept at building relationships with customers to impact the future actions.


The key objectives of a junior economist are:

  • To obtain the job on the post of junior economist
  • To provide the organization complete knowledge about the behavior of financial market
  • To change the trends of economy
  • To get the chance to learn from expert and senior economist

Work experience:

I have worked as a [Junior Economist] in [XYZ corporation] from [August 2014 to date]

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Identifying all those avenues that are expected to grow currently
  • Reading the data to get the information about those areas of the firm from where the maximum revenue can be generated
  • Predicting the behavior of stock market and devising some solutions to save the company from losses
  • Promoting the utilization of the resources of company
  • Forecasting the trends that can affect the performance of the company
  • Collecting the data about statistic from different departments of the firm
  • Supporting the senior economist in performing his job roles effectively
  • Maintaining the record of attendance to process the payroll efficiently

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in the use of computer
  • Can use software related to economy

Core competencies:

  • Experienced in analyzing the data and forecasting
  • In-depth knowledge of research and analysis
  • Expert in presentation and documentation
  • Able to handle the relationship management
  • Best interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to accept criticism and bring improvement
  • Excellent in interpreting trends and generating reports by those trends
  • Excellent skills of leadership and teamwork

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Junior Economist Resume Sample


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