Junior Receptionist Resumes

Junior Receptionist Resume Sample

A receptionist performs various administrative tasks. Most of the businesses have many customers every day. These customers have various queries. To answer those queries, a receptionist is the best person. A receptionist is the first point of contact for anyone coming to the office. So, a receptionist must be a very calm and organized person. They not only deal with customers, in fact, they must deal with a variety of people every day. For this reason, they should have a well-grounded knowledge of the business operations and its products. Receptionist performs a similar type of tasks but sometimes, these tasks can vary from industry to industry. A receptionist in an office performs different tasks from …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Software Security Specialist Resume

Software Security Specialist Resume

Software security specialists are in great demand these days. With new software being introduced every single day, the security concerns have become high. Software security specialists play an important role. These people need a good chunk of technical knowledge. Some fields do not require technical education but with this industry, technical knowledge and a university degree must be a must. Along with education, an experience is equally important. Working in the IT and software industry, you always must be on the top. A person should be well acquainted with all the recent changes and advancements. Although this job does not require a lot of communication, even then communication is a major skill as it will …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Payroll Manager Resumes

Payroll Manager Resume

Managing the monthly accounts of all the employees working in a company is performed by the payroll manager. The pay check of each employee is released easily when the account of each employee is managed properly which is the reason, most of the companies hire payroll managers. Many complex tasks are performed by payroll managers such as maintaining daily attendance; half left, full leave, loans and other amounts to be deducted to release a final pay check. There are different tools which a payroll manager should be able to use so that he can perform his job well. Any person who is well-aware of the tools and can perform every task up to the standard …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Manager Operations Resumes

Manager Operations Resume Sample

An operations manager is one of the most important people in an organization. Manager operations control the entire process of operations and procedures and also controls and lead his team to accomplish the goals and fulfill the targets. An operations manager should possess leadership qualities along with many other skills to get himself motivated and optimistic for the work tasks and complete their tasks on time. An operations manager should be able to handle pressure and should possess good client handling skills. Whenever any problem in any organization or task team occurs, the senior most members are held responsible for controlling the situation and finding the best solution. A manager should be able to handle …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Assistant Project Manager Resumes

Assistant Project Manager Resume

Project management has become a very successful and well-liked career by quite a lot of people these days. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a project to meet its requirements. A project manager is responsible for the success or failure of a project. Becoming a project manager is not very hard. Project managers are people who are always highly motivated and can easily motivate others and bring out the best in them. These people are good communicators as they have to act as a bridge of communication between different departments, management and even the clients at a time. These people do not fear accountability and should be ready to …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Assistant Manager Resumes

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

An assistant manager is a helping hand for the senior management as they make sure that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. An assistant manager takes up the role of the senior manager in his absence. An assistant manager might also assist in hiring new employees. They will also be held liable for designing and conducting training programs for the employees. Every company faces the issues of employee disputes. The assistant manager acts as a bridge between the employees and the management to solve those problems. Assistant managers have a lot of responsibilities and they need a list of skills for doing well in their capacity. Excellent people skills and can multitasking is the …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Purchasing Manager Resumes

Purchasing Manager Resume

A person who enjoys negotiating and is good with numbers is the perfect candidate to work as a purchasing manager. Purchasing managers are responsible for buying the best quality equipment, goods, and services. They should make sure that they get the best prices for the deals they make. They work in various fields such as supply chain management, procurement, and other management departments as well. A purchasing manager can help save the company a lot of money by effective negotiation, networking and finding the cheapest vendors. A purchasing manager also deals with other factors such as sustainability, ethical issues, and risk management. The level of education for a purchasing manager differs in various industries. A …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Territory Manager Resume

Territory Manager Resume Sample

A territory manager looks after a specific area for an organization and acts as a liaison between the customers and the company. A territory manager is mostly responsible for the sales of the area and should have a skill set of customer relations and technical sales. The territory manager will work to increase the sales and at the same time, they are also responsible for creating new leads and finding new business opportunities. Every customer has different needs and it is the duty of a territory manager to provide solutions for customer problems. Territory manager must make sure that they comply with the company standards and policies within their region. They prepare updated sales reports …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Tax Manager Resumes

Tax Manager Resume Sample

A tax manager is an important part of the tax department of the firm who has good experience of dealing with the several tasks related to tax. The responsibilities that are entitled to the tax manager are preparing financial expenditure report and investment of the organization. Managing the tax returns, preparing the record of those tax returns, keeping the details of income tax and lots of other job responsibilities are also given to tax managers. Those people who want to work on the post of tax manager should know that they must possess the complete knowledge related to GAAP, applications of MS Office, taxation principles etc. The resume is a perfect document for you in …CONTINUE TO RESUME