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An advertising manager manages and coordinates advertising activities like banner designing, content writing and graphic designing for an advertising agency. He may be an employee of an agency or act as a third person between an advertisement agency and the client. The person working in such position is responsible for developing different goals and plans for activities related to advertisement required by different clients. The different junior staff generates ideas, posters, coupons, graphics, and contents of advertisements and the manager oversee all the development phase.

The advertising manager is also responsible for budget and cost estimate of the ad campaign and makes necessary negotiation with the client before finalizing the project with Client Company. He reviews all the advertising material before publication. The conduction of training for use of different online promotional material by employees of client company is also the responsibility of the advertising manager.

The advertising manager often communicates with people outside the organization, representing the organization to different clients and other sources. Therefore, the advertising manager must be good at communication and think creatively.


Professional Summary:

Advertising Manager is responsible for advertising in the particular region. The advertising is on television, newspaper and social media platforms. The advertising managers must be capable of advertising through all mentioned platforms and analyze the results of advertising campaigns as required by the higher company. The major tasks are collecting all designed work on time and approving for publication either for print or electronic media. Major responsibilities include hiring and arranging training for new staff for different advertising departments, decide where to place advertisements for example on print media, billboard or internet, review or approve all advertising content by the higher manager for publication and analyze results of published advertisements for further decision making. The position requires bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing or journalism.


  1. As an advertising manager, my aim is to achieve projected targets by keeping up to date about evaluation techniques of the ad campaign.
  2. Through my good management skills, I will direct and motivate advertising staff towards achieving campaign goal.


  1. Good Supervising Skills.
  2. Able to clearly express ideas to clients
  3. Work well under stressful conditions and able to make quick decisions
  4. Able to propose ideas when required

Work Experience

Company XYZ | Job title: Advertising Sales Manager

Dec 2016 to present

Key Roles:

  1. Creation of new advertising program for sales department of different client/companies.
  2. Arranged training sessions for employees of client companies for using social media platforms.
  3. Conducted meetings with client companies higher Managers for analyzing advertisement content.
  4. Managed staff of 6 operation manager and 2 accountants.

Company ABC | Job title: Advertising Sale Manager

March 2013 – Dec 2015

Key Roles:

  1. Responsible for obtaining new contracts with different branded companies through presentation and communications.
  2. Maintenance of contracts by developing strong relationships with executives of different client companies.
  3. Achieved yearly target of $100,000 in 2014.
  4. Implemented different strategies which improved competitive edge over other advertising companies.

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