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Advertising assistants are employed in advertising departments or media agencies. They are responsible for administrative activities related to advertising. They are responsible for clerical activities required in these organizations. Some of the activities include managing file system, taking and keeping the record of phone calls, scheduling appointments and meetings with the clients, managing social media and photocopying or printing different documents. They are responsible for completing all the tasks assigned to the higher management.

The educational requirements for this position are bachelor’s degree in communication or related fields.  The Advertising Assistant should be well trained in communication, advertising, and marketing activities. Many companies first hire internees for this position so that their future assistants are well trained which results in gaining a competitive edge over other advertising bodies.

An advertising assistant has strong language communication skills. They are also good at organizational skills. They possess basic computing skills for managing documents and are often responsible for creating and managing social media pages. Familiarity with media terminology, accounting and budget and different types of management is also essential for the position.

The tasks are assigned to media or Marketing Manager. They assist Managers in television and internet advertising. They further review media reports for improving advertising campaigns. Coordination with various vendors for timely payments is also required. They must have command over the use of reporting software and provide various reports at their earliest when requested.


Professional Summary:

Due to advancement in technology, the competition between different companies is very high. To publicize new products, companies often take help of advertising agencies for promotion. Advertising assistant is one such entry-level position in these companies. They provide all types of tasks related to clerical, documentation, handling customer responses, dealing with external vendors and agencies under the guidance of management. The basic tasks are answering client’s queries, scheduling appointments, making presentations for media campaigns, and often some research on competitor’s brands etc.


My role as an Advertising Assistant will be:

  • I will work hard for long hours to achieve all objectives of the organization.
  • Research and apply new techniques and methods which are essential for growth of the organization and my skills.
  • Obtain an advertising assistant position to utilize my good communication and multitasking skills.

Work experience

XYZ Advertising May 2015 until present

Key Roles:

  • Assisting the graphic design team in creating advertising campaigns.
  • Interact with the customers for correct identification of goals and objectives
  • Communicate customers about rates and other procedures.
  • Conduct research about different companies as required by the management.
  • Created different social media pages for customers.
  • Trained employees of different clients in adopting social media tactics.
  • Designed online advertising content for different clients.


  • Creative skills essential for this position are anticipating objectives and designing content for social media pages.
  • Good communication skills which include giving feedback to customers, dealing objections and good collaboration.
  • Technical skills include good knowledge of social media, MS Office, and internet use.
  • Should possess all qualities and habits that contribute to success in advertising. This includes creativity, courage and confidence to take initiative, multitasking and quick thinking.

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