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If you are a person who has amazing communication skills and business knowledge, then this is the best job for you. An administration specialist looks after the whole administration process and provides clerical and administrative support to other departments. An administration specialist has tasks like a secretary or an administration executive, but they do have additional tasks on their plate as well such as managing company events and administrating projects.

The roles of an administration specialist may vary from company to company. You will read emails, reply them back, organize the document records and manage other office related tasks. Besides the routine tasks, you will also look after any other tasks that might come up. As an administrative specialist must oversee quite a few tasks, he needs to have a variety of skills.

Computer skills are important in every industry these days but customer service is the heart of every business. So, along with computer skills, the administration specialist should have kick ass communication skills as well. They will be communicating and talking to people ranging from employees to vendors, to customers and to the public at large.

Education is important along with the skill set. A high school diploma or even a bachelor’s degree is a must.


Professional Summary:

Administrative specialist with 10 years of experience. Worked in various industries such as education, constructions, and financial institutions. Responsible for providing high-level office support. Performed variety of tasks such as conducting research, preparing statistical reports, preparing presentations, responding to any information requests.

To plan the conferences and work on the agendas. To provide support in areas such as payroll and procurement. Making travel arrangements when needed. A wide range of skill set including communication skills. Conducted successful meetings and gave excellent presentations. Amazing negotiation skills to convince employees and vendors on good prices. Responsible for the hiring and training of new employees. Basic knowledge of accounts and finance has always helped to liaise with the finance department and provide them helpful insights.

Responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the office. Actively participated in trouble shooting the issues for the customers and vendors.


My objectives in this role are/were:

  • To provide specialized program support for the administration department.
  • To conduct research, prepare statistical reports and spreadsheets.
  • To oversee the employment administration requirements.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To respond to any existing inquiries by the stakeholders.
  • To initiate discussions and queries from vendors, personnel, facilities and administration department.
  • To prepare presentation materials for use by other departments.
  • To compose and prepare correspondence, memorandum, promotional materials, forms, newsletters using appropriate tools such as MS Word and power point.
  • To plan, prioritize and schedule meetings and appointments for directors and management.
  • To make decisions regarding time management and meeting scheduling.
  • To assist with proposals for different purposes such as grants.
  • To perform specialized administrative tasks to support specific programs.


  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Basic accounting and finance knowledge
  • Customer focused approach

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