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An urban planner is a person who makes plans regarding the use of lands and buildings. They plan to create communities, manage and accommodate growth, and manage physical facilities in towns and cities. An urban planner is a very active person who has a great sense of understandability. He will need to understand the needs of the community and build short-term as well as long-term plans. The population has been growing at a rate faster than ever before. With this growth, people will need more schools, hospitals, and community centers.

An urban planner must take heed of all these needs and come up with a plan which can help people live a prosperous life. With the growth of every area, the social, economic and security needs will also change. With the changing environments, an urban planner will need to plan new parks, shelters and make the whole area more appealing to investors and residents.

An urban planner must be a skilled and experienced professional. Not any degree will help them and they can be educated from bachelor’s to master’s level. An urban planner should have an academic degree in urban planning, city or regional planning. They should also be familiar with policy development, communications, and architectural skills.


Professional Summary:

An urban planner with a wide experience of 10 years in planning and managing growth of communities. Responsible for development of various schools, hospitals, infrastructure and community centers of communities in metropolitan cities.

Successfully identified community needs in growing economies and developed short-term and long-term growth plans. Knowledge of policies and procedures helped to create, grow and revitalize communities. Excellent communication skills both written and oral helped to coordinate with policy makers and government officials. Accepted challenges such as conducting research for environmental and social-cultural growth prospects. Work experience in community-wide plans as well as specific projects.

Worked with government officials, community members, and interested groups to highlight the community goals and issues.


My objectives in this job are/were:

  • To collaborate with public officials, architects, and engineers to develop communities.
  • To prepare presentations, attend meetings and address community issues and agendas.
  • To inspect development sites and analyze the feature and prospects of the land.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To meet with public officials and developers regarding development plans and use of lands.
  • To gather market research data regarding commercial and non-commercial lands.
  • To analyze environmental and economic studies.
  • To conduct field investigations and to analyze factors affecting land.
  • To review site plans submitted by the developers.

[XYZ Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To assess the feasibility of the reports and identify the recommended changes.
  • To analyze whether a project or proposal should be accepted or denied.
  • To present projects to planning officials and get them approved.
  • To comply with environmental regulation laws and policies.
  • To examine plans for proposed facilities.
  • To identify community needs and develop short-term and long-term plans.

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Planning and decision making.
  • Working under deadlines.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Research and data analysis skills.
  • Knowledge of geographical information systems.


To be provided on demand.


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