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The primary responsibility of the staff assistant is to provide administrative support to the directors and supervisors. A staff assistant is directly reporting to one of the directors or the supervisors. The day-to-day supervision is provided in collaboration with other departments.

The staff assistant supports the staff in their regular duties. He/She prepares any letters, memos and other documents for approval and authorization. He/She has different roles and responsibilities depending on the industry they choose to work. They exist to fulfill the operational needs of the company.

A staff assistant help to schedule meetings and even assist in payroll management. He also makes sure that every department has sufficient employees to meet the needs of the business. Staff assistants also take phone calls, file paperwork, set appointments and take messages. Most of the times, these assistants work in the human resource department where they are held responsible for managing employees and their issues.

Any degree can be suitable for a staff assistant but a degree in business or HR can be more helpful to assist in the tasks.


Professional Summary:

Energetic staff assistant with a flair for helping people, providing administrative support and organizing work. Interest in developing and implementing HR policies. Collaborated with teams from different departments which has helped to improve relationship building and communication skills.

8 years’ work experience in assisting and supporting teams to ensure the smooth running of the company. Excellent bookkeeping and documenting skills. Maintaining records for any incoming and outgoing emails and deliveries. Good communication skills have helped to write reports and get them approved by the senior executives.

Responsible for arranging meetings, conferences and official gatherings. Travel arrangements were also a part of my duties. Arranging hotels, tickets and visas were done very timely and effectively.


  • To prepare the necessary paperwork for regular company procedures.
  • To schedule meetings and appointments.
  • To organize and maintain employee records including the payroll records.
  • To assist HR in interviews and recruitment.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To perform administrative, secretarial and clerical tasks for the company.
  • To screen all calls and visitors and referring them to the relevant person.
  • To answer any questions and complete information request by the customers or vendors.
  • To maintain documents and records for the supervisors and directors.
  • To update the documents and rectify any errors in them.
  • To accurately record and maintain data of each vendor.

[XYZ Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To handle and resolve minor complaints from customers and vendors.
  • To report any important matters to the supervisor and document them.
  • To interact with customers to provide them information regarding the services and products of the company.
  • To research better vendors and negotiate cheaper prices with them.

Technical Skills:

  • Professional skills to collaborate with managers at all levels.
  • Strong communication skills including the verbal and written skills.
  • Organizational skills to manage time effectively.
  • Know-how of labor laws.
  • Familiarity with office equipment.
  • Computer literacy and IT skills.


To be provided on demand.


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