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The purpose of getting the resume for quantitative analysis is to get the job on this post. It is very important for a person to know how to represent his skills and achievements in the resume to let the recruiter know about the potential of the applicant. Those people who don’t take resume serious are unable to get the desired job. To get selected, it is important to have an effectively written resume. The perspective before applying for the job of quantitative analyst should be kept in mind while preparing the resume. Make sure that you have tailored the resume as per the requirements of the job.

The best way to write a resume is to relate all your work experience in such a way that it can show how experienced and skilled you are. You should prepare a perfect resume so that it gets noticed easily. The resume should make the employer know that in what ways you are a better applicant as compared to others. Here is a sample resume for the job post of a quantitative analyst.


Professional Summary:

A competent individual with the passion for working and meeting deadlines. Motivated to achieve the targets and self-driven towards the goals. A hardworking analyst who can keep a check on the stock trading. An enthusiastic analyst with extensive experience of more than 10 years in the field of analysis.


My objectives are:

  • To work as a quantitative analyst in a well-reputed firm.
  • To obtain all those skills that I need to perform all the duties that are assigned to me.
  • To enhance my thinking power and abilities to analyze things.

Work experience:

I have worked as an [Analyst] in [XYZ corporation] from [January 2011 to date].

My key roles in this job are/were:

  • Analyzing the large data of the firm and building the systems based on that data.
  • Preparing the perfect supervising reports after complete analysis.
  • Monitoring the financial strategies that are being followed.
  • Conducting a detailed statistical analysis of the trading stock of the firm.
  • Performing the analysis of the risk and preparing the report on it.
  • Identifying the risk factors related to finance that the company must face.
  • Performing the analysis of the relative success of the firm.

Technical skills:

  • Excellent skills of using MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.
  • Sound knowledge of C++, MATLAB, SPSS.

Core competencies:

  • Ability to communicate the technical ideas to the audience in such a way that they can understand them completely.
  • Good in programming using the C and C++ languages.
  • Knowledge of the analysis of quantitative risks.
  • Skills in conducting the analysis.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
  • Able to learn new things and implement them practically.
  • Experienced and well acquainted of working in finance department of the firm.
  • Able to prepare investment models that can be profitable for the firm.
  • Can easily adjust to the changing environment.


Reference will be furnished at the time of interview.


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Quantitative Analyst Resume Sample


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