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An order entry clerk performs order entries for the company. The clerk receives orders by calls or emails and then they put these orders in the supply chain system or software of the company. After the order has been entered, the warehouse staff will further process that order and get the order to the customer.

The order entry clerk can work with a telephone, email or even in person to collect orders and process them. The entry clerk is working on databases or software which can be used to track the orders. An order entry clerk does not need any special degree to perform this job. But he should be able to read and write and give proper attention to details. System specific training is done with the individual once he takes up the job.

Being able to understand the customer requirements is very important as the entry clerk is directly taking orders from customers. The clerk should be more than familiar with the use of Microsoft word and spreadsheets, as this will be the most used tool for the job. Speed and time management is also very important for the order entry clerk as they get very limited time to take up the orders and enter them quickly into the software. Here is a sample resume for the order entry clerk.


Professional Summary:

Order entry clerk with high school diploma and experience of 8 years in the industry. Used highly technical and up-to-date software for entering data and taking orders. Extensive knowledge of taking orders and processing them on time and without any errors. Excellent written and verbal communication skills which help in minimizing the error of taking wrong orders.

Capable of solving problems and taking decisions which are in the best interest of the company and the department. Excelled in providing five-star customer services and manage time to achieve the long-term goals.

Key Skills/ Objectives:

My key skills/objectives in this job are:

  • To process orders accurately and diligently.
  • To establish policies and procedures for data entry.
  • To review any discrepancies in the systems and rectify them.

Work Experience:

Order Entry Clerk [ABC Company]

  • To enter data in the software.
  • To coordinate in the collection and reconciliation of the data.
  • To pre-process and review the data to further process the orders.
  • To review the systems, find any discrepancies and rectify them.
  • To maintain records of files and orders processed and rejected.

Order Entry Clerk [XYZ Company]

  • To evaluate entry orders for accuracy.
  • To maintain necessary order history reports.
  • To assist other departments with final processing of the orders.
  • To answer any incoming calls and email orders.
  • To maintain the stock levels for processing orders.
  • To maintain cordial relationships with the vendors.
  • To assist is scheduling meetings with the vendors.
  • To research and find new and cheap vendors.

Technical Skills:

  • Time management skills to record, enter and process orders on time.
  • Accuracy and numeracy skills to avoid any errors.
  • Communication skills to enter data accurately and read it properly.
  • Computer skills and use of supply chain soft wares.


To be provided on demand.


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