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An operations manager is one of the most important people in an organization. Manager operations control the entire process of operations and procedures and also controls and lead his team to accomplish the goals and fulfill the targets. An operations manager should possess leadership qualities along with many other skills to get himself motivated and optimistic for the work tasks and complete their tasks on time.

An operations manager should be able to handle pressure and should possess good client handling skills. Whenever any problem in any organization or task team occurs, the senior most members are held responsible for controlling the situation and finding the best solution. A manager should be able to handle pressure and should maintain balance in everything.

Good communication skills and good knowledge of literature are necessary for a manager as he is not only responsible for giving tasks to his team but also has to handle the upper authorities and to communicate with other companies and clients as well. He should have a good knowledge of the team company’s projects and abilities and should be able to make good decisions.


Professional Summary:

Operation manager for over 6 years now, I have been working in different organizations and have performed my tasks using all my capabilities and skills. In the previous jobs, I was responsible for handling the affairs for different operations and projects of the company. To calculate the budget for the operations and handling the teams to achieve the desired results effectively and efficiently.

During my tenure in the previous jobs, I conducted team meetings, decided and act on plans, made strategies for decision with colleagues to achieve short as well as long term organizational goals. Monitored and handled the performance and ability of the individuals working with me and reported to higher authorities to confirm transparent and successful working.


My role in the job is

  • To coordinate the team and lead them in the completion of the projects.
  • To handle the proceedings of operations and to deliver the results.
  • To work with efficiency and effectiveness and comply with the company’s policies, rules, and regulations.
  • To report to higher command and provide effective results.
  • To manage the agenda for completed and ongoing projects.

Work Experience:

[Company XYZ]

My role in this job is/was to

  • Supervise the team to complete the projects.
  • Prepare agenda for higher authorities and provide regular updates about the status of company operations.
  • Make strategies for next projects.

[ Company ABC]

My role in this job is/was to

  • Supervise and lead the team by holding the board meetings and briefing the teams about the tasks.
  • To prepare the strategy to enhance the transparency in operations.
  • To work with higher authority and produce productive results.
  • To keep a regular check of operations and customer handling.

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Reliability
  • Team management.
  • Ability to improvise.
  • Flexibility to learn and self-motivation.
  • Good communication and verbal skills.
  • Organizational and leadership skills.


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