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Stabilizing the expenses is one of the most important and highly prioritized tasks of any firm. Maintaining the expenses can be performed by the junior bookkeeper. The bookkeeper is responsible for making financial statements of the company. His major job role is to assist the senior bookkeeper in performing his duties.

The job role of a junior bookkeeper is same as the senior one. However, the responsibilities are quite less since he is at the entry level of his career. There is no specific format to be followed while preparing the resume for the junior bookkeeper. However, if you want to prepare a winning resume, you should try to keep it as simple as possible. Make sure that the resume that you have prepared can highlight all the skills that you have acquired so far. The competencies of the bookkeeper should also be represented in the resume in an eye-catching manner.

To work as a junior bookkeeper in any organization, you should be able to have a specific level of competencies and qualification. Here you can find a sample resume for a junior bookkeeper.


Professional Summary:

An organized and talented bookkeeper, who is at the entry level of his career. A goal-oriented and passionate person who is eager to perform all the tasks that are assigned to him. Very helpful individual for the senior bookkeepers in balancing the cost and expenses of the firm.


Seeking a job position of junior bookkeeper where I can boost my skills of bookkeeping and learn the new principles and concepts of bookkeeping. Seeking the opportunity to manage the financial records of the organization.

Work experience:

I have worked as [bookkeeper] in [XYU Corporation] from [November 2011 to date].

My key roles in this job are/were:

  • Balancing the accounts of the firm and giving the quick review of the accounts statement.
  • Preparing the daily accounts by recording all the sales.
  • Ensuring that all the goods have been tagged before they can be sold out.
  • Drafting the bills for the customers and computing the total amount that they have to pay.
  • Calculating and preparing tax payments.
  • Preparing and filing the tax reports.
  • Assisting other stakeholders in preparation of the budget.
  • Completing the requirements of external audits.
  • Processing the payrolls of all the employees of the organization.
  • Analyzing the financial data of the accounting department and then preparing the reports based on those analyses

Technical skills:

  • Expert in using MS Office, Peachtree, Quick Books, Paychex.
  • Have complete knowledge of all the accounting techniques and procedures.
  • Sound knowledge of regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Adept at data entry, conducting analysis and managing the books of accounts.

Core Competencies:

  • Have sound knowledge of the principles of bookkeeping and possess complete expertise in using GAAP.
  • Skilled at gathering the information from different sources and then drafting the regulatory reports on that gathered information.
  • Proficient in English verbal and written communication.
  • Skilled in developing accounts.


Reference will be furnished on request.


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Junior Bookkeeper Resume Sample


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