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Junior accounts manager is the major part of the accounting department who is responsible for handling different accounting relates tasks. The post of the junior account manager is a step towards the post of expert accounting manager. The junior accountant gets the same opportunities as the senior one. Although the junior account manager has same job role as the regular accountant, he does not possess a set of responsibilities. The main job of the junior accountant is to manage and assist the manager in the routine work and at the end of the financial period. He works as per the instructions are given by the senior account manager.

Preparing a resume in an attractive way is very important. If you want the employer to notice your competencies and gained skills, you should be able to write your resume in an eye-catching manner. The graduate degree in the field of finance is necessary to apply for the post of junior accounts manager. Here is the sample resume for this job post.


Professional Summary:

Hard working and honest individual with the extensive knowledge in the field of accounting. highly motivated towards his goals and has a complete potential to negotiate the achieved skills. A goal-oriented person who always stays focused towards his targets. Possess proven success records in increasing the growth rate of the firm where he worked.


Seeking the job position of junior account manager in a well-established firm where I will be able to implement my acquired knowledge and gain more knowledge in managing the accounts of the firm. Seeking the opportunity to boost my skills of teamwork and leadership so that I can be a productive and useful part of the organization.

Work experience:

I have worked as [accountant] in [DWE Corporation] from [February 2014 to date].

My key roles in this job are/were:

  • Assisting the regular accounting manager in performing all the activities in the accounting department such as managing accounts etc.
  • Receiving the instructions from the senior account director and implementing them to reform the work of other junior accountants.
  • Attending the meetings that are conducted by the financial heads of the firm and giving them feedback on the performance of the accountants.
  • Providing the complete support to the managers in verifying the accounts.
  • Representing the organizations and interacting with the externals associates.
  • Communicating with the customers and responding quickly to all the queries and investigations of the customers.

Technical skills:

  • Strong skills of strategy making and implementations.
  • Can implement the accounting principles in various tasks of the accounting department.
  • Experienced in extensive accounting practices and can deal with every aspect of accounting.

Core competencies:

  • Abel to deliver complete solutions to the customers by solving their problems.
  • Completely professional in willingness to learn new things.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of using various advanced level accounting software.
  • Excellent selling, closing and negotiating skills.
  • Able to recognize the commercial opportunities.


Reference will be furnished on request.


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Junior Accounts Manager Resume Sample


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