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Director of finance is one of the very important posts in the finance department of any firm. The people hired for this post are expected to make strong and important decisions regarding the finance. Moreover, they are held responsible for monitoring the performance of the business, supervising accounts, oversee the cash flow, etc.

The title of the resume should be written clearly so that the recruiter can know what the applicant has applied for. The applicant should read the job description in detail so that he can understand the job requirements. The resume that is prepared after considering the job requirements is more likely to be accepted.

Try to keep the resume concise. For this, you can ignore the unnecessary details. The resume for director of finance should reflect the skill level and the abilities of the applicant. The job experience should be mentioned in such a way that the reader can feel that you have a complete focus on it.

The section explaining the job experience is the most attractive part of the resume. Here is a sample resume that you can use for after editing it according to your own needs.


Professional Summary:

Highly motivated and trust worthy finance director with a remarkable record of working as a finance expert in a reputed company. An experienced multi-tasker who can handle some tasks at a time. A diligent and hardworking person with skills of efficiently managing the cash flow system.


The key objectives of a finance director are:

  • To work as a director of finance in any firm.
  • To become a useful and productive part of the company.
  • To work in such an environment where I can get enough opportunity to boost my skills and knowledge.

Work experience:

I have worked a [finance director] in [ABC corporation] from [April 2013 to date].

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Managing the day to day activities that are carried out in any firm.
  • Training the sales team and providing it with the information about finance.
  • Developing the models of profitability to see the contribution of clients.
  • Improving the satisfaction level of the clients.
  • Providing support in reporting the cash flow system of the firm.
  • Contribute in forecasting the monthly expenses of the firm.
  • Analyzing the financial systems and also putting efforts to bring improvements in it
  • Ensuring that all the transactions of the company are being carried out according to the set policies and procedures of the company.

Technical skills:

  • Exceptionally use the MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, etc

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Shows strength in critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Capable enough to perform time management whenever there is a task to deliver in a given time span.
  • Have exceptional abilities to perform the budgeting.
  • Has wide experience of handling management system in the organization.
  • Excellent in mathematics.
  • Goal oriented individual who is always directed towards the aim to solve problems.

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Director of Finance Resume


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