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Chartered accountants are highly qualified account managers. They are regarded as most talented and skilled professionals in the field of accountancy. The job of the chartered accountants is same as other accountants but the different is that the chartered accountants have an additional graduation degree that proves them to be more qualified and knowledgeable than any other accountant.

The main duties of a CA are to analyze the information of accounting so that new strategies can be developed. Another duty is to prepare the annual finance budget of the company and forecast the different situations for the companies.

The resume of a CA is very important if he wants to work as an accountant, finance manager or auditor. All they must do is to include their knowledge areas and skill level in their resume to let the recruiter know about their capabilities. To work as CA, you must possess a bachelor degree in the field of finance as well as the two years’ additional degree of post graduate. Here you can find a sample resume for a chartered accountant.


Professional Summary:

Professional in the field of finance and accounting with an extensive experience of more than 15 years. Rich in a knowledge of every aspect of accounting and finance. Ensures that the costs of the company are organized in an effective manner and helps the firm in balancing the cost. A passionate individual with excellent motivational skills and individual performance at the peak.

Key Skills/ Objectives:

My key skills/ objectives are:

  • To perform auditing.
  • To ensure that the returns of the firm have been completed.
  • To polish my skills so that I can work as a professional account manager in any firm
  • To resolve the tax related issues of the firm by finding and then providing the best solutions

Work experience:

I have worked as accountant in ABC corporation from September 2011 to date

My key roles in this job are

  • Preparing the budget details of each client of the firm
  • Preparing the tax returns of the companies and individuals.
  • Calculating the installments to be paid by the firm to complete tax.
  • Managing the tax audits of the governments and provincial departments.
  • Training new individuals who come in this field and to let them know about the work they must do.
  • To prepare audit reports, sales invoices, income tax details, balance sheets and to keep track of the performance of the company based on accounting

Technical skills:

  • Ability to deal with issues and problems in auditing and in the calculation of tax returns.
  • Can accomplish corporate goals by increasing its revenue
  • Extensive accounting practice and can deal with every aspect of economics

Core competencies:

  • Complete knowledge of the fundamental concepts related to accounting and finance
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to hold the valid charter
  • Best at comprehending everything
  • Proficient in use of computer and much other related software


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Chartered Accountant Resume


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