Fundraiser Resumes

Fundraiser Resume Template MS Word

Fundraiser professionals work in any charitable organization where their main job is to raise funds for that organization. Although there is qualification standard set for this job post. However, the recruiter expects the applicant to be minimum graduate and have polite nature with a pleasant personality. The main job of the fundraiser is to communicate with people, it is important that he should be fluent in his language and his way of talking and tone should be convincing. A sample resume for the post of fundraiser has been provided on this website. With the help of this sample resume, you can get to know about the tips and techniques to prepare a well-written resume. The …CONTINUE TO RESUME

UNIX Administrator Resumes

UNIX administrator resume template MS Word

If you are a person who loves challenges every day, then becoming a UNIX administrator is the best job for you. A UNIX administrator can have diverse functions to perform at one time. This person is a one-stop shop. So, at times, you might have to be the entire IT department. A UNIX administrator can be held responsible to look after the systems, the network, the official website of the organization and providing technical support to the staff. A UNIX administrator can perform his daily tasks and he is the one who is responsible for the trouble shooting tasks that may arise. It often feels that if you are a creative person, you must study …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Property Administrator Resumes

Property Administrator Resume Template MS Word

Buying and selling property is a major interest area for quite a lot of people. And why not? When you know you can make a lot of money by making this safe investment, the whole idea seems worth it. With this safe investment which will get you loads of money, comes risks as well. And of the best ways to avoid this risk is to buy or sell the property using the services of a property administrator. A property administrator can be someone who’s a contractor and builds houses or commercial plazas for a living. Some of the construction companies can have their own property management department. One of the most important roles of a …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Vice President of Finance Resumes

Vice President of Finance Resume Template for MS Word

The post of vice president of finance is a senior post and the person working as vice president in the finance department is responsible for supervising the tasks of budgeting and debt financing. The plans and the targets that a company wants to achieve are divided into different departments of the company by the vice president. Any person who wants to be hired as a vice president should possess some extraordinary qualities of leadership and management in order to stand out. Moreover, preparing the resume in an effective way is also very important. Any candidate willing to apply for this job post should include his skills and potencies in the resume to let the recruiter …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Financial Controller Resumes

Financial controller resume template for MS Word

The main job role of the financial controller is to perform the financial reporting which is provided by various companies and organizations. They have the potential of reviewing the earning and expenses of the company and summarizing the financial health of the company by following the guidelines provided by the company. It is important to mention and highlight the skills acquired by the applicant to get this job since the post of financial controller requires a skilled person with proper insight and knowledge. They are maintaining the integrity of the whole system by monitoring the financial regime of the firm. The experience and core competencies are also very important to be mentioned in the resume …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Plant Nursery Worker Resumes

MS Word Plant Nursery Worker Resume

When we think about plants we can think about greens, oxygen, nature and fresh fruits and flowers. Plantation gives us a very pure and fresh feeling. Everyone likes plants and even if we do not like them, we know that they are very important for our life. Plants are a source of food for humans and animals equally. And with increasing diseases, we all have started to understand the need of plants in our life. We have so many aspects in our surroundings which make our life a lot easier but we simply ignore. If plants are important so is important the person who looks after them. Here, we are not only talking about the …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Male Secretary Resumes

MS Word Male Secretary Resume Template

The word secretary is a very common word. When we hear this word, we instantly know we are talking about that one person who keeps every task together. If you are the forgetful manager, your secretary would be the one to remember and schedule every task for you. A secretary is responsible for organizing work by reading and routing emails for correspondence. They are also responsible for collecting information and initiating communication between different personnel. Although, secretaries are mostly females, sometimes, companies need male secretaries too. The gender does not make any difference in the job description but it means that a more energetic and outgoing personality is required. Every industry has a different work …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Junior Economist Resumes

Junior Economist Resume Sample

The concept of economy is quintessential since it has a direct effect on the sales of the company. Because of this, the economist is hired by any company to see the economic conditions which prevail in the market. They can then inform the company about these conditions and changes. The economist is always expert in finance and statistics, and he is required to use his skills and potencies in his profession. Economists are one of the most important professionals in any company. Most of the companies hire economists when they want to get an expert advice regarding the application of economic theories on the working procedures of the company. It is not easy for an …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Nursery School Director Resumes

Nursery School Director Resume

Nursery school directors may or may not be very qualified. As they have to run a nursery and not a college. But some nurseries might prefer candidates with at least a master’s degree. Certifications in education and school management will be enough for this job. An individual with an education in child psychology or childhood education can be very helpful. A nursery school director is the one who is responsible for the success of the nursery. They have to hire and interview teachers for the school. They consult the teachers before deciding the curriculum for the nursery academic year. They will also overlook the enrollment procedure and day-to-day management of the nursery. A nursery school …CONTINUE TO RESUME

Finance Manager Resumes

Finance Manager Resume Sample

The finance department is one of the most important and versatile departments in any organization. Irrespective of prevailing economic conditions in the market, there are always lots of job opportunities for the students of finance in the field of finance. Every organization requires some individuals who are expert in handling the tasks related to the finance so that the finance department of the firm can run smoothly. A finance manager is also the main professional required by the firm who is responsible for managing the entire finance department. Anyone who wants to apply for the post of finance manager is required to have the sound knowledge of observing the market trends and managing all the …CONTINUE TO RESUME