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Assistant is a word which when we hear, gives us ease in terms of work. Assistants help high-level executives with day-to-day operations and help them get through their day. Assistants normally work for one person rather than a team of individuals. And because they are dedicated to one person, they need to know the work schedule of that individual well.

An assistant works with the executive to plan their days, make travel arrangements for them, draft emails and sort mails. Sometimes, the assistants are even doing tasks which are not related to work. The assistants are considered to be helping the executives in managing their work. But the assistants themselves can be involved in doing some serious work which can contribute towards the success of the company such as conducting market research, training staff and scheduling important meetings.

Assistants can have different levels of education. They can have a high school degree or a bachelor’s degree in any subject. An assistant has job responsibilities like a secretary or a personal assistant. They perform clerical tasks such as making and receiving calls, setting business meetings agendas and reviewing any reports.


Professional Summary:

An assistant executive with 5 years of experience in diverse companies. Excellent communication skills which helped to take notes and write valuable minutes of the meetings. Conducted research for the senior management and prepared reports for further analysis.

Performed clerical duties on a day-to-day basis and made travel and accommodation arrangements for the executives. Responsible for research, communication, correspondence and office management. As an executive assistant, I was responsible for attending meetings on behalf of senior executives, training staff, scheduling important meetings and conducting market research.

Experience in the clerical work such as taking and answering calls, setting business meetings and deciding the agendas for the meetings, accepting and hosting visitors, reviewing the financial reports and planning the daily schedule for the senior executives. Excellent writing skills and speaking skills excelled in working with fast paced environments.


My objectives in this job are:

  • To answer and direct any phone calls.
  • To organize and schedule appointments.
  • To plan meetings and take minutes of the meetings.

Work Experience:

[ABC Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To provide support to managers and employees.
  • To assist in daily office needs.
  • To manage the company’s general administrative activities.
  • To make travel and meeting arrangements for the executives.
  • To prepare reports and maintain appropriate filing systems.
  • To plan meetings and take detailed notes of the meetings.
  • To write and distribute emails and mails.

[XYZ Company]

My roles in this job are/were:

  • To assist in the preparation of scheduled reports.
  • To develop and maintain a filing system.
  • To update and maintain office systems.
  • To order office supplies and maintain them.
  • To research office suppliers and negotiate cheap rates with them.
  • To maintain contact lists.
  • To book travel arrangements.

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Use of office equipment.
  • Knowledge of office soft wares.
  • Negotiation skills.


To be provided on demand.


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