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An assistant manager is a helping hand for the senior management as they make sure that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. An assistant manager takes up the role of the senior manager in his absence.

An assistant manager might also assist in hiring new employees. They will also be held liable for designing and conducting training programs for the employees. Every company faces the issues of employee disputes. The assistant manager acts as a bridge between the employees and the management to solve those problems.

Assistant managers have a lot of responsibilities and they need a list of skills for doing well in their capacity. Excellent people skills and can multitasking is the most important tool of any assistant manager.


Professional Summary:

A highly skilled assistant manager who assisted the high-level management in the retail stores. Covering up for the senior executives when they were absent from work was another part of the job. Maintaining standards to achieve customer satisfaction and providing them with the best services.

In the last 5 years, I was held responsible for setting achievable goals and monitoring the team’s performance on regular basis. My experience has helped me to develop strong managerial skills in different industries. Understanding of business operations and mindset helps to make sound decisions. I have an attitude of solving problems right then and there and has been known for organizational skills.

Being an assistant manager, I have been the major point of contact between managers of different departments, employees, vendors, and even customers. These relationships have helped me develop good communication skills. The major objective of my job has always been to provide smooth operations to the company and best customer service for the valued customers.


My objectives in this job are:

  • Assisting the Manager in organizing, implementing and planning strategy.
  • Coordinating operations.
  • To ensure that schedules and objectives are met.

Work Experience:


My roles in this job are/were:

  • To maintain daily reports of all transactions and generate reports for senior management.
  • To train staff for achieving goals and targets.
  • To analyze marketing information and prepare meaningful reports for decision making.
  • To assist with new staff recruitment and training.
  • To handle weekly schedules as per payroll policies.
  • To oversee the inventory management process.


My roles in this job are/were:

  • Dealing with any uncertain situations and handle disputes.
  • In charge of the entire staff to make them work efficiently.
  • To forecast the department costs and to take measures to keep it under control.
  • Supervising a team of 10 people.
  • Checking and maintaining the quality of services provided to the customers.
  • Performing clerical and administrative duties to support the senior management.
  • Devising strategies to increase sales and improve customer services.
  • Negotiating best deals with the suppliers and vendors.

Skills/Core Competencies:

  • Willing to work extra hours to cover busy periods.
  • Knowledge of the industry trends.
  • Managing brand standards.
  • Maintaining the budget and controlling the cost.
  • Handling customer complaints.
  • Resourceful, dependable and highly organized.


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