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You are required to prepare a resume as a bookkeeper if you want to continue your career as a bookkeeper. A strongly written resume can help you a lot in availing the opportunity to work as a bookkeeper. The resume of the agency bookkeeper is quite like the general accountant. The main tasks that are assigned to this bookkeeper are to assess the financial status of the company and to calculate the profitability of the business. There are lots of other duties assigned depending on the type of the firm in which a bookkeeper works.

To make the recruiter know about your capabilities, it is important for you to include your experience and the responsibilities that you have been fulfilling. There are some key skills and competencies that you need to work as a bookkeeper. If you are fortunate enough to have those skills in yourself, do add them in your resume. Here you can find a sample resume for an agency bookkeeper.


Professional Summary:

An individual with knowledge of accounting and other finance related concepts. A very active person in financial domain and can perform duties with passion and interest. Known for the perfection in work and accuracy in calculation based reports and statements. An experienced professional with complete expertise in dealing and implementing accounting principles and in working with mathematical concepts. A very competitive and talented person with best organizational and analytical skills.


My objectives are:

  • To develop and improve myself to be able to participate in the productivity of the company.
  • To enhance my skills so that I can work well for the development of the finance department of my firm.
  • To oversee all the finance related tasks of the company
  • To become an expert bookkeeper who can perform the tasks of budgeting and financing
  • To be able to use the financing software to speed up the process of financing

Work experience:

I have worked as accountant in ABC corporation from September 2011 to date

My key roles in this job are

  • To evaluate and automate all the finance related processes
  • To reduce the job time by 35%
  • To carefully monitor decretory reports and issues them to the management
  • To supervise the whole supporting staff of the company to check the entries in the database.
  • To match and confirm the receipts and invoices with the record that has been entered the database of the company

Technical skills:

  • Can implement the customized methods of bookkeeping using finance software
  • Proficient in using MS office Suite and QuickBooks
  • Complete knowledge of GAAP

Core competencies:

  • Strong knowledge about complex concepts of mathematics
  • Excellent communication skills including verbal and written
  • Finance reporting
  • Proficient in documenting the tax details
  • Works well for regulation of compliance
  • Well experienced about the use of computer
  • Skilled in working with all the processes related to finance


Reference will be furnished on request


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