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The administration is a very wide term which includes various management tasks and responsibilities. From big businesses to independent sole traders, everyone needs a good administrator to achieve success. An administrator must be a highly motivated and an organized individual who is always ready to achieve the best. The most important quality that an administrator should have is to keep calm during stressed situations. Administration staff provides the necessary support to every department.

For an effective business, day-to-day operations are as important as the long-term goals. An administrator must be a jack of all trades and master of none kind of a person. Administrators look after finance, payroll, HR, customer services and even the accounts department. They should be able to understand the leadership dynamics, changes in technology and maintain cordial relations with the people working around them.

A degree in business can be helpful to act as a business administrator. Regardless of a graduate or master’s degree, the experience is more important for an administrative officer position.


Professional Summary:

Professional administrator with well-grounded knowledge of payables, receivables, human resources and administration. Focused abilities to achieve the objectives by providing attention to details. Experience in handling confidential and sensitive matters. Track record in making sound decisions in a fast-paced work environment. Excellent communication and organization skills. Conducted training for the new hires and provided support to the existing staff.

5 years of experience has helped create business plans and analyze business processes. Use of technology has always been a part of creating and implementing innovative business plans keeping the cost in control and increase in profits by 10%. Team player and the ability to maintain cordial relationships with clients and colleagues.


My objectives are:

  • To identify areas to cut cost.
  • To improve policies, programs & overall performance of the business.
  • To analyze financial reports and the sales data.
  • To appointing department heads & the managers.
  • To negotiate contracts and agreements.
  • To implementing new technologies in the work place.
  • To oversee the financial and budgetary activities of the company.
  • To forecast business processes and models for business analysis.

Work Experience:


My key roles in this job are/were:

  • To successfully manage multiple departments & construct objectives and targets for the departments to achieve.
  • To ensure smooth and seamless functions of data entry, research & development.
  • To look after the quality assurance of every department.
  • To ensure data protection & data accuracy.
  • To provide training, mentoring & supervision to large teams of professionals.
  • To manage day-to-day workflow.
  • To provide supervision in absence of any department head.
  • To supervise, direct and implement budgetary and financial activities of the company.
  • To oversee the services provided to the clients and conduct the quality assurance of the products.
  • To introduce up-to-date technologies and providing employee training.
  • To recruit heads of departments and conducting meetings between the heads, employees and connected departments.

Technical Skills:

  • Technological skills
  • Well organized
  • Good writing skills
  • Technical oversight of the company
  • Planning skills


To be provided on demand.


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